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Confined Space Services

Training and Development

Awareness Level training is required by all of your employees because of the potential to unknowingly enter a Confined Space. The employer is responsible for ensuring that their employees have the knowledge to recognize and protect themselves from a potentially harmful environment.

On-Site Rescue is pleased to offer a variety of training opportunities for your organization and will work with your representatives to meet your employee safety program development goals. All programs are designed to provide your employees with the knowledge and experience they require to work safely. Our instructors are professional firefighters, with years of experience in confined space training. We offer an interactive training opportunity that utilizes multimedia and practical demonstrations to maintain a higher level of interest. Those who participate in the training will receive certification upon successful completion of the course. On-Site Rescue will also track your employees training and development and ensure compliance by providing annual training as required by the regulations.

A: Confined Space Awareness Workshop (1 hour):

This course is recommended for every worker in your company that does not specifically work in areas where they may encounter confined spaces. The Occupational Health and Safety Act provide every employee with the "right to know." Our Confined Space Workshop will provide your employees with the knowledge to recognize a confined space and the potential hazards within it. We recognize the logistical problems associated with training large groups within industry, so we have developed this short program to provide basic information in a concise format.

Workshop Syllabus:

  • The new confined space regulations.
  • The ability to recognize a confined space.
  • The roles and responsibilities of employers, supervisors and workers.
  • Hazards associated with Confined Spaces.

Our Confined Space Awareness trainers are professional firefighters with a wealth of experience and competence in confined space training and technical rescue. Our trainers are also former educators, which allow us to adapt our program to a continuum of learning styles. We provide comprehensive Confined Space training that can be customized to your workplace. Topics covered will include; new legislation, recognizing a confined space, responsibility of employers/employees, requirements of a confined space "Program", hazards identification, hazard control and general safety procedures. The presentation utilizes an array of multimedia to enhance the learning experience and concludes with a practical demonstration.

B: Level I - General Training ( Theory - 4 hours):

The awareness level course is recommended for employees who are working in or around confined spaces. The legislation clearly defines the roles and responsibilities the employer, supervisor and worker. The Awareness Level Training will provide your employees the knowledge and confidence to work safely in a confined space environment.

Workshop Syllabus:

  • New regulations
  • The Program
  • Defining a Confined Space
  • Responsibilities of Employers
  • Hazard Assessment
  • The Plan
  • Coordination Documentation
  • Training
  • Entry Permit
  • Isolations of Energy and Control of Materials Movement
  • Atmospheric Testing
  • Ventilation and Purging
  • Hot Work
  • On-site Rescue Procedures
  • Means of Entering and Exiting
  • Preventing Unauthorized Entry
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Documents

C: Level II - Site Specific Training (Theory and Practical - 8 hours):

For those employees who require a higher degree of understanding of the legislation an additional 4 hours of practical training may be provided in addition to the above theory. Working in small groups (max. 10), the instructor will lead the employees through the company's Confined Space Plan. Using a confined space at your work site and documentation supplied by the employer, an On-Site Rescue Technician will demonstrate the procedure for confined space entry and standby rescue services. All confined space equipment to be supplied by the employer. A demonstration of On-Site Rescue's equipment may also be provided.

D: Confined Space Rescue - Operations Level (8 hours)

This course will cover the requirements of current confined space legislation for rescue personnel. The course is the minimum capabilities for organizations that have employees entering confined spaces. It is based on NFPA 1670 - Standard on Operations and Training For Technical Rescue Incidents. The Level II - Site Specific Training course is a prerequisite for this course. This hands on training will transition from simple rescue systems to more complex providing the rescue personnel with a natural progression of skills and confidence.

Course topics include:

  • Planning and implementing a Confined Space Rescue
  • Scene management
  • Duties of rescue entrant and attendants
  • Training with rescue equipment
  • Selecting an appropriate rescue system
  • Utilizing a lowering and raising system for a vertical rescue
  • Rope based rescue skills
  • Choosing suitable anchors and anchor systems
  • Utilizing a belay system
  • Patient packaging
  • Performing a non entry type rescue
  • Performing an entry type rescue