On-Site Rescue


On-Site Rescue is a full service provider of Confined Space training, consultation and on-site rescue services. Our programs have been developed to protect your workers and ensure compliance with the new Ontario Ministry of Labour - Confined Space Regulations. By law, all of your employees have the "Right to Know." They should be taught the skills required to recognize if a confined space exists in their workplace and what they can do to protect themselves. On-Site Rescue will provide knowledgeable instructors to develop and deliver a Confined Space training program for your staff. Our staff of professional firefighters can offer a flexible program that can be customized to meet your employee's needs. Our team of trained professionals is ready to support your operations and protect your workers. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss our services, please feel free to contact us.


Effective September of 2006, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) has been enforcing newly expanded requirements for confined space entry. These amendments significantly change how employers will conduct confined space entries in their workplaces. Fines for non-compliance carry maximum penalties of $25,000 and a year in prison for a person to $500,000 for a corporation per offence.

As an employer you are called upon to protect your employees. You must provide the knowledge to recognize a confined space and any potential hazards within it. You are required to comply with the new regulations and provide both General and Site-specific training. Before you send your employees into the next confined space, stop to think if you have completed your "due diligence." Have you given your employees the skills to work safely? The regulation also requires a "rescue team" available for immediate implementation. If an employee suffered a heart attack or was overcome by an atmospheric condition, could you rescue them from that space?